A Message from the Future

Welcome to our future –
the future of mankind,
From animals to humans
we kept evolving with time.

Our genetic journey
was a rollecoaster ride,
But at last the animals
became fully civilized.

Our future is fantastic
like seeing day after night,
The Human-animals have
now become Divine Light.

Our True Guru King,
came from the All-Bright,
To grant His blind children
the gift of spiritual sight.

The metamorphosis of Man
was marked by this sign:
The birth of Guru Nanak
In 1469.

He lit the Human candles
thousands at a time,
Our perfect Khalsa Nation
Was born in 1699

The Khalsa light spread
from the East to the West,
Our world was saved
we have truly been blessed!

Harjit Singh Lakhan