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Articles published from 1995 to 2000 in the regular newsletter. (These are being transferred from the old site in stages)

Frequently Asked Questions

Guru Nanak’s Teachings

Mul Mantra

Articles on Comparative Religions (6 articles)

Punjabi or Gurmukhi?

Role of Sangat and Sant in the Panth

The Creator is in the Creation

Seva: The essence of Sikhism

Happiness or Peace as the goal of inter faith dialogue

Significance of Vaisakhi 1699

Sikhism and the Status of Women

The Devil and the Way of the Guru

Na koi Hindu, na Musalman

Who is Waheguru?

1469 – Eternity

What is the future of Sikhism?

Mystic Revolution in the Next Century

Khalsa in the New Millennium

The Art of Giving

The Khalsa Spirit Lives In All

What is the Sikh attitude to mercy-killing?

Star Wars and the Khalsa Inspiration

Guru Khalsa Panth Sahib Ji

Amrit Gave Me Sanity

Vaisakhi – the Eternal Spring

English in Gurdwaras

The Ultimate Stage

The Laws of the Sikhs

What is the role of Sewa?

What is Contentment?

Baba Ajit Singh – the Unconquerable

Addiction – A Spiritual Perspective

The Ultimate Goal

Religion of the New Age

Virtual Insanity

Peace and the Sadh Sangat

Life of Bhai Gurdas

An Empowered Life

Essence of a Sikh

Living the Life

Bravery and the Sikh Spirit

Sikhism: The Religion for Today and Tomorrow

Should we ask for worldly things in prayer?

Anglo Sikh Wars

Opinions on Hair Untangled

Is Sikhism suited to the conditions of modern society?

Maya and Women

Still Shining

Love is…



A Moghuls View

The Tramp

The Discipleship

Bhai Gurdas

Bhagat Kabir Ji

God is Everything

Women in Sikh History

Even Pain and Hunger are Your Gifts

Rahnee rahey soee sikh mera

The Mountain of God