The Ultimate Stage

A body is dead without life and life itself is dead without NAAM. Naam is the Elixir of life without which life would be meaningless and an accumulative waste. Forgetting Naam (God’s Name) torments the soul. There is no spiritual awakening, no peace of mind, no joy and no bliss without Naam. Realisation of Naam is the essential condition for a true and fruitful life. The road that leads to God is the most difficult and complex. Guru Nanak has made this road simple and as clear as crystal by showing us a technical approach. The Guru explains that since the human life is attained after passing through numerous lives, so it has gathered along the way impurities of every life it has passed through. Human mind has become black smeared with impurities. As long as the human mind remains impure, it will not merge with the One Who is Absolute Pure. As the mind becomes pure, our soul merges with the Supreme Soul. How?

“Praise and Prayer of Almighty remove the impurity of mind.
And the Ambrosial Naam then fills the mind.”
Guru Nanak Dev Ji

That is the stage a true devotee yearns for. By prayer and praise one’s mind comes in touch with Naam and becomes illuminated. An enlightened mind emerges and a person is reborn in the spirit of the Guru and he begins to make spiritual progress slowly. Naam is registered by the consciousness and penetrates into human soul and mind. This glorious transformation or metamorphosis helps transcend human soul to a state of Absolute Bliss. It is a change in a person which occurs within the self from one form to another. The aspect of realisation of God changes within and lifts the devotee from Personal to the Impersonal. All boundaries, limitations and barriers are broken and the individual soul starts merging with the Supreme Soul, as water blends with water, the light (the light of our life) blends with the Divine Light:

“His soul and body dyed with the Name of One God
Shall ever abide with the Supreme Soul
As water blends with water,
So light is blended with Light.
Transmigration is ended and rest obtained
Nanak is ever a sacrifice to Lord God”


Bhupinder Singh