Love is…

Guru Gobind Singh tells us:

Saach Kahau sun lay sab jin Prem kio tin he prab piao
I tell the truth listen to me, they alone who Love, find the Beloved
Tav Prasad Savayay (morning prayers)

It is interesting to note that Guru Ji in the above line does not say “They who love God will find Him” – but clearly Love is used as a noun – not a verb. Love is a wide ranging concept and one that appears in all religions. However, in the current day media, especially in the western World the term has been abused some what. We always think of Love as a relationship between people – A husband and wife or a father and son. In the simplest sense Guru Ji describes all of us as brides – where Waheguru is the only Husband. The relationship he describes between the devotee and Waheguru is one of pure Love. Pure Love is a state of utter devotion that has no duality. The Love of the devotee for Ek Onkaar is singular. There is only 1 force (Waheguru) and the devoted Sikh, by definition is totally immersed in Love for the One Supreme Waheguru. This love is a personal relationship that the devotee has for the Lord and this relationship cannot be described.

We cannot see or describe God so how can we Love God? Well God is all around – within us all and yet so hard to attain. It is only the true devotee that can realise Waheguru. It is haumai – “I am-ness” or Ego that prevents us from realising Waheguru. Love is an ego-less state.

Guru Nanak tells us:

Ja tau Prem khelan Ka chau, sir tar tali, gali meri auo
If you wish to play the Game of love, come to my path with your head in your palm

This line implies that we must forgo our ego before we can learn to play the game of Love and join with our Guru (Waheguru).

This Love is universal, yet singular. A devotee loves all of God’s creation, nature, the animals, birds, vegetation and all fellow humans – yet there is only 1 force (Waheguru).

Love is an essential ingredient for finding our true path in life, so let us fall truly in Love with Waheguru and make a life long commitment to the Guru.

Bhupinder Singh