Virtual Insanity

We live today in a more and more complex society and it is often easy to get confused and frustrated, take the following song lyrics for example….

“And I’m thinking what a mess we’re in
Hard to know where to begin
If I could slip the sickly ties that earthly man has made
And now every mother, can choose the colour
Of her child
That’s not natures way
Well that’s what they said yesterday
There’s nothing left to do but pray
I think it’s time I found a new religion”

Lyrics from Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai written by Kay/Smith

Here he talks about breaking the ties that man has made to materialistic things, and how man is moving further away from nature. The religion he is talking about is the most widespread religion in the world – Materialism. So the singer is looking for a new solution.

Gurmat tells us that we are living among this wonderful creation of God and we can use the facilities available to us, BUT we must not get entangled in all this Maya (material things) and keep our eyes on the Goal – Waheguru. We must control the urges of Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Pride. In this way we can keep Haumai (Ego) under control and keep Waheguru in our mind.


Bhupinder Singh