God is Everything

“God is everything, God is everything. Without God, there is nothing at all. As one thread holds hundreds and thousands of beads, He is woven into His creation.”
Bhagat Namdev, Rag Asa, pg. 485

Yes Waheguru is everything, is present everywhere and in everything.  Jaap Sahib is the great Hymn of praise to Almighty Waheguru given to us by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. In this prayer Guru Ji tells us that we cannot describe Waheguru, but we can offer praise and salutations to all the aspects of Waheguru’s Creation and all of Waheguru’s actions.

Guru Ji tells us so many of the attributes and actions of Waheguru and tells us that He is the Creator and also the Destroyer.

Salutations to You, our Annihilator
Salutations to You, our Creator
Salutations to You, our Destroyer
Salutations to You our Sustainer.
Jaap Sahib pauri 20

This is an important concept that is different to many other theologies. There is no opposite to Waheguru – like Satan or the Devil. He himself, is both Creator and Destroyer – For he is without any equal.

“By His Power virtues exist,
and by His Power vices exist.”
Asa Di Vaar pg. 464

Yes, everything happens, both good and bad, within the Will of Waheguru – there is nothing outside the realm of Waheguru and so He is the bestower of both virtues and vices – which tempt us away from the True path. Waheguru has provided everything and is so generous, but it is up to us to Remember Waheguru and not to just rely on the illusion of Maya (Material wealth).

We must learn to respect the Truth and to avoid falsehood – This is our One chance to obtain salvation and True, Everlasting happiness.

Bhupinder Singh