The Tramp

Walking down the street, Simran Kaur and Patla Singh saw a tramp. “Why, he’s thinner than me!” said Patla Singh.
Simran Kaur went over and gave her lunch to the tramp. “Here, my Guru, take this.”
Patla Singh was outraged. “I am a mystic master. I have seen the Guru in my dreams. He does not look like a tramp. He looks like one of his pictures.” “But…” began Simran. “But me no buts…Guru is not a tramp. Even I wouldn’t eat with this smelly fellow”, finished Patla Singh.
Simran Kaur replied, ‘”The mouth of the hungry is the golak of the Guru.”
Gurbani says so – this is my offering to the Guru.’ And Guru is in all. Bearing witness to Guru’s Light in All through Love for that Light cannot be bad.”
“Eating with tramps is no Way to find God” maintained Patla Singh as he rose up in anger. Simran Kaur replied spontaneously, “God is not lost, so there is No One to find. The only choice to make is whether you recognise God or not, whether you discard the screen of separation from Real-ity.”
“So, God’s Face is like a tramps?!” Patla Singh looked pretty mota now as he puffed his cheeks and raised his fists to waist level. “God has no Face or Form, but Reveals Itself to us by Grace through the Shabad which is, therefore, Shabad Guru and the lives and actions of the Enlighteners, who Lit by the Light are also, therefore, called Gurus. Gurbani tells us Its Light is within us all as fragrance in a flower, reflection in a mirror, fire within wood. This Light is One Face of the Guru.”
“So, you love this smelly tramp, scenting God within?” asked Patla Singh.
“The Sikh Is One who Real-ises the Guru. Can I love, or does Love Love Love?
Dyed/died in the Scent of the Beloved I hunger to Be Love and Be Loved.”

“jin prem kio, tin he Prabh paeo”
Only Those In Love Real-ise Waheguru
(Tav Prasad Swayyas, couplet 9)

Kanwar Ranvir Singh