An Empowered Life

What makes a person free and empowered to do the right things. Why do so many kind good intentioned people around us fail to take stands on issues that affect people near and far? Why is a person working for a company/organisation that promotes products or policies that can affect other peoples lives adversely, feel disempowered to act ?

This disempowerment obviously has to do with our insecurities. What insecurities ? If a person could feel free to speak their mind without fear of retribution, they would probably do so. If losing a job never meant loosing their means to support their family, people would be empowered and organisations would be forced to never take actions that are to the detriment of larger society. Companies should be able to make an honest profit from ventures that are more benevolent in nature and towards nature.

One model of lifestyle that immediately comes to mind is that of the old Punjab. I am speaking of a simpler time, before TV and bottled beverages hit the market just in reach of the common man. Many working people, (teachers, small business owners, and to include a uniquely Punjabi profession, “oberseers” etc.) had some inherited land which they would tend in their spare time. No matter what happened to them in their jobs/businesses, they could always make at least a survival living off the land. Guru Nanak also tended his farms in the latter years of his life. People also had some sort of minimal weapons training be it from army relatives or elders. And to complete the picture there was an unfaltering belief in Waheguru as the Guide, Protector and Benevolent force behind the universe.

Think about how you can be more empowered to Live a Truthful Life, at one with nature, the environment and with the rest of humanity.

Baltej Singh