Amrit Gave Me Sanity

AMRIT…the word itself sent shivers through my spine once. Why then was I such a fool to have partaken Amrit? Frankly, I would not have had an answer about a year ago. But, today, this no longer holds true.

Life has been filled with challenges. Like everyone else, I trod the path, making difficult choices along the way. Believing what I did was right, yet to learn later how wrong it was, was frustrating.

There came a point in life, where only darkness and loneliness enveloped me. I realized I had no guide and I belonged to nobody. My inside craved for love but there was no one to give it to. A world so familiar suddenly became so strange. Deep down, day by day, I was dying with pain, crying in fear the tears of blood with no one to turn to. My confidence, self esteem, love and even self respect, dropped to nil. The only thing I saw before me was insanity…and believe me, I was walking towards it.

Finally, to Him I went and broke down. I questioned where He was when I needed Him most. No answer came. But from that moment onwards, my life took a turn. His love and guidance took me out of the grave I was digging for myself. He released me from the chains I created for myself. He showed me a route, a route of love. I knew then where I wanted to belong. I chose Guru Ji over all else.

“Take one step towards me and I’ll take a thousand steps towards you”…Nothing could be more truthful than this.

The moment I surrendered my life to Him, all my problems were solved, my grief was snatched from me and replaced with peace and joy within. I am who I am today because of Guru Ji’s love for me.

He fulfilled all my heart’s desires. I love Him so dearly and keep Him closest to my heart for I know for sure, He will never leave me.

hamri karo hath de racha
puran hovey chit ki icha
tav charan meh rehey hemara
apna jaan karo pritpara

These four lines affirmed my decision. The only right thing I ever did in my life was to partake of Amrit.

by Jasrinder Kaur