An Ode to Guru Gobind Singh

Essentially, history never lies.
The true and brave forever live,
it is evil that always dies.
Let us celebrate this day with zest
you pure of heart who God has Blest;
remember the lives of those who gave
their life that they could others save.

It takes true courage to be a friend
of helpless folk when odds are high;
to stand your ground until the end
and never from your enemy shy.

Explore the annals of peace and war
to search for lives pure, true and brave,
few men and women will hold your awe,
‘gainst tyrants who did justice crave;

Who taught the world to stand and fight,
compassion, courage, right is might;
to love a life that’s pure and true,
with saintliness did use imbue.

To always emulate the oak;
and defy the tyrannous yoke.
in raging storm take deeper root;
only thus can you reap the fruit.

This oak in India is the Sikh
who stemmed the tide of evil rule;
a lion who rose from the meek
when he had sipped the nectar’s pool.
Grant us all this boon O Lord
of good deeds may we be assured;
with courage true and firm resolve
let us continue to evolve.

Three hundred years of this pure spirit
foretell even greater purity
of mind, of deed, of prayer, and it
this way brings sovereignty?

Begun three hundred years ago
the Khalsa spirit shall only soar
if purity of mind and deed
is practiced as it is decreed.

Enshrine forever in your hearts
the glory, greatness, and the arts
that Gobind the lion heart did bring.
Let us ever his praises sing!

In valour true, a pious saint,
a poet such as few can be.
Never let his spirit taint,
fused in the Sikh Fraternity!

Major Hari-Simran Singh (Sandhu)