I am a Sikh

With the awakening of each new day
I watch the sunrise as I start to pray
To thank Him as he did teach
I do so for I am a Sikh.

Labouring with gifts possessed
For them all I am truly blessed
They give me identity that is unique
But most of all they make me a Sikh.

After my duties I rest and play
Endeavouring to do so the truthful way
Practicing restraint when I act and speak
Obeying the laws of being a Sikh.

There are wrongs that I may do
But still that path I shall pursue
With His protection when I am weak
I am sure to be a better Sikh.

With my faith as my trusting friend
I shall one day this world transcend
And use it to my Lord reach
Where I can be declared a true Sikh.

Sukhpinder Singh