May these words

May these words be imbued with but a fraction of the grace
which guided the pen of Bhai Gurdas,
May they resonate one decibel the blast by Bhagat Singh
as he cured the British of hearing loss.

May these lines have the healing power of one drop of water
poured by Bhai Kanhayya to friend and foe,
May they glean even half the force of Harimandir Sahib’s
magnetic pull emitted by its golden glow.

May these verses exhibit a mere shadow of Deep Singh’s
longevity in the field of battle,
May they transcend the page as his soul transcended his body
fearlessly fighting from the saddle.

May these stanzas take one footstep in Gurdit Singh’s shoes
towards linking people oceans apart,
May they lay the foundation stone for tolerance like Mian Mir
as he helped build our nation’s heart.

May these thoughts for a moment be as steadfast as Mani Singh
as his limbs were slowly chopped alive,
May they for a fleeting second maintain the same conviction
displayed by the Beloved Five.

May these metaphors emit an ounce of Baba Buddha’s imagery
as he gave Hargobind two swords,
May they symbolize the kettle and kirpan nourishing the needy
and overthrowing the overlords.

May these rhymes hold one degree of Bhagat Puran Singh’s warmth
as he sheltered kids in need,
May they give rise to a nation of Ram Mohammed Singh Azaads,
citizens without caste, colour or creed.

May this poem be a spoonful as sweet as Mata Sahib Kaur’s sugar,
adding humility to the Khalsa’s iron will,
May it humbly bow in closing to Zafarnama’s fountainhead,
Guru Gobind Singh’s divine quill.

Harmohanjit Singh Pandher