Rumours and Life


This fool has heard many rumours,
rumours spread to hurt the innocent,
rumours spread to get revenge,
rumours spread for self-pleasure.
But, my Lord, this fool has also heard something else,
the Guru whispered this truth in the heart,
about every person, about every soul.
It is that the light of God shines in every heart.

The light of God rests in every soul,
none are exempt.
By looking within we will find the treasures,
what need we for rumours when the truth is in us all?


life has taken a sudden turn,
heading towards the Guru.
life without you is hell,
with you it is heaven.

Wherever you send me,
I will go with head in hand.

All doubts are mine,
all glories yours.

living on the knifes edge,
waiting for a glimpse.

The mind is made up,
no other path tastes sweet.

I’ve held the hand,
I will not let go.

forget the time-wasters,
accept nothing but the Guru.

Open your mind,
loosen that closed fist.

It is easy to hate,
but love for all is difficult.

The Guru’s way is damage to evil,
the Guru’s way is love promotion.

The billboard says love,
the heart says open.

The Guru’s way,
the Guru’s way,
is all I ask for.

Jatinder Singh