The Sikh Way of Life

Naam Japna – to repeat the name of the Lord
In Waheguru – life’s energy is stored
Waheguru is the spirit of our soul,
To be one with God is our life’s main goal

Naam Japna helps control our mind,
The vices of evil have made us blind,

Through simran we can see the true light,
This helps us to judge wrong from right,
Through life’s ocean, Waheguru’s ship will always sail,
Without simran you will surely fail.

Wandkay Shukna means to share with others,
To treat each other as sisters and brothers.
Sharing our money is a generous deed,
Helping charities destroy our own greed.
Sharing our kindness, generosity and love,
From the grip of selfishness and greed, we will rise above.

Kirat Karni is to work hard for a living,
It all depends on how much effort you’re giving.
Study hard to aim for your best,
Study hard…. Put your knowledge to the test.
Work honestly to earn your daily bread,
On this path you should confidently tread.

Naam Japna, Wandkay Shakna, Kirat Karni – is the Guru’s way,
The teachings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in your mind should stay,
These three principles help a Sikh to grow,
Your life will become more fruitful, let everybody know….

The love of Guru Ji is always here,
Take a step towards Guru Ji, to show you care…
And with Guru Di Kirpa – That’s the Guru’s grace,
Our practice of Sikhi will reveal our true face.

Harinderpal Singh & Jasprit Kaur