Vaisakhi Tricentenery

It all began in 1699
Which was a really happy time
The Guru’s father had been killed
But his heart had been fulfilled
He gathered all the Sikhs to a tent
He asked for peoples heads but nobody knew what he meant
Then finally one brave Sikh came to say
I’ll give up my life because I’ve worshipped you ‘til this day

The Sikh entered the tent feeling very proud
As he went in there was a sigh from the crowd
He came out and pretended the man was dead
And they thought the blood was from the man’s head

He did the same thing four more times
And he knew what was going through peoples minds
Each time he came out people ran away
But he said to them ‘Please stay’

I’ve got something to show you, don’t be afraid
You will be proud of the thing I have made
So everyone gathered together once again
He opened the curtain and there were five men dressed the same

These are my beloved ones
Now they are my five sons
By dressing like them we can show
That we are Sikh so let everyone know

Most of them took Amrit and were baptised
After doing this they would pray at night and sunrise
They would wear all five the K’s
And show their Sikh Khalsa faith

Kanga, Kes, Kara, Kachera and Kirpan
Should be worn by every woman and man
Kaur and Singh would be their middle name
They would respect each religion exactly the same

After three hundred years we are still proud
Of our Sikh religion in this European crowd
If it wasn’t for Guru Gobind Singh we wouldn’t stand out
And that’s what Vaisakhi is all about

Geeta Kaur Devgun age 12

Award winning Poem at the Glasgow Vaisakhi Poetry Competition, 1999


Kirpan is the sword
In the middle it is curved
Sikhs only get it
When its well deserved

Kacha is the shorts
worn by females
And other members of the family
That are males

Under the turban
The Khanga keeps the hair in place
Can’t move or get tangled
It just doesn’t have the space

Kesh is hair
Grown very long
It’s not allowed to be cut
It has to be strong
Kara is the bangle
Made of strong steel
Representing the oneness of God
Something we know is real
Khalsa is the celebration
300 years ago it was formed
Panj pyarey willing to give up their lives
For the religion they loved

Amna Ali age 11
1st prize winner
Primary schools

Award winning Poem at the Glasgow Vaisakhi Poetry Competition, 1999