Worldly Game

I sit in silence, alone and tired
Thoughts raging in burning desires.
I tie knots!, of heart and mind
Chaining myself to worldly life.

Many characters I play on this worldly stage
A son, lover, poet – a sinner and saint.
Yet still I feel empty, tied to my thoughts
Reacting with criticism, disinterest and praise.

Caught, entangled, in this worldly play,
I live in duality- of happiness and pain.
I yearn to escape my actions tidal waves
To save my heart from endless heartache.

What path unlocks my worldly chains?
What key enlightens my mind to escape?
What balm heals my heart’s aching pains?
What energy ignites my soul’s flame?

The path of truth and Godly praise
The key of mercy, humility and heart
The balm of selfless giving and love
The energy of God’s Almighty Name.

With Satguru’s grace, heart endears in bliss
Upon singing the hymns of Godly praise.
Then rain it does, every moment, every day
God’s Amrit Name shattering all my chains.

Jaswinder Singh (Canada)