We often speak at length of whence we came but whither are we going?
Will we still be worthy of our middle name once we reap what we’re sowing?
Will our future be full of spirits ever-soaring thanks to Nanak’s grace?
Will we enter the millennium like lions roaring or in silence and disgrace?
Will we honour the fine legacy bestowed upon us or will pride linger in our way?
Will we let a few weeds outshine our many lotus flowers as we ring in the new day?
Will we overcome our differences and live as one or is that too much to ask?
Will we become the images of Gobind and Arjan or is the Khalsa not up to the task?
Tough times lay ahead therefore we must be strong lest we ignore the Guru’s call?
Here’s the choice before us in 2000 and beyond:
united we stand or divided we fall?

Harmohanjit Singh Pandher